• Education of visually impaired girls in Jharkhand with an emphasis on making them employable for the job market
  • Developing their hidden talents in music, singing, drama, dance, etc.
  • Total integrated approach to education treating them at par with the sighted children
  • Making the visually impaired independent in performing their tasks

Our Objectives

  • Teaching and preparing these blind children for the plus-2 examination of National Integrated Open School (NIOS)
  • Training them on computers with the help of EnAble India of Bangalore and Technical Training Institute of Pune in order to make them employable in public sector and IT companies particularly for Call Canters.
  • Diversifying their talent into learning fine arts such as music, singing, drama, dance, etc.
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Computer Education and Call Centre

Computer Education to enable blind girls to learn computer skills leading to employment

Our blind girl students going through the regular school curriculum complete Class X and then Plus Two of National Integrated Open School (NIOS). Thereafter they face enormous difficulties in securing any kind of employment, more so because they are girls. However with the prospect of computer training and kind assistance of EnAble India of Bangalore and Technical Training Institute of Pune, their economic independence is sought to be achieved, thus giving hope to the graduating girls of our Institution.

With the help of EnAble India and Government of India we have added a programme of computer training for these blind girl students to make them financially independent. This promises to open various avenues of life for blind girls.

Our ultimate goal throughout this entire exercise will be to train our blind girls and other visually impaired persons towards Call Center operations and other IT and Public Sector jobs.

Call Centre Operations to provide employment to blind girls

We have also signed a MOU with Technical Training Institute of Pune (TTI) (managed by Pune Blind Men's Association) whereby our girls will be trained in Pune on Call Center operation and have received on-the-job training in the Call Center run Vodafone.

Since August 2016 we have started operating a Vodafone Call Center in our Institution with the help of Vodafone Ranchi in which the Pune trained blind girls have been employed. Tis has given the trained blind girls gainful employment and opened up vast opportunities for becoming financially independent. further blind girls trained on computers and in Call Centre operations will be getting employed in the Vodafone Call Centre

This Vodafone Call Centre at Our School is the only Call Centre for the blind in the whole of Northern region of the Country.