• Education of visually impaired girls in Jharkhand with an emphasis on making them employable for the job market
  • Developing their hidden talents in music, singing, drama, dance, etc.
  • Total integrated approach to education treating them at par with the sighted children
  • Making the visually impaired independent in performing their tasks

Our Objectives

  • Teaching and preparing these blind children for the plus-2 examination of National Integrated Open School (NIOS)
  • Training them on computers with the help of EnAble India of Bangalore and Technical Training Institute of Pune in order to make them employable in public sector and IT companies particularly for Call Canters.
  • Diversifying their talent into learning fine arts such as music, singing, drama, dance, etc.
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About Brajkishore Netraheen Balika Vidyalaya

The inspiration behind the School is the Founder Trustee Mrs. Neelu Verma. When she moved to her Bariatu house in Ranchi from Hyderabad in 1983, she came across a Government School for the Blind nearby and started visiting the same. She discovered that the School took only blind boys and girls had no opportunity for education. In fact blind girls were sent back to their home in despair.

She then decided to open her house for teaching blind girls and learnt Braille for the purpose. Since the girls came from far away and from poor families, the schooling had to be free and residential. Thus was born the idea of starting a full-fledged free residential school for blind girls in Jharkhand.

To her dismay she found that no such Institution existed in Jharkhand for blind girls and also that the incidence of blindness in Jharkhand was quite high. The School initially started with two girls and make-shift structures were built for class-rooms and hostel on her land.

Thus was born “Brajkishore Netraheen Balika Vidyalaya” and the Institution has now been in operation for the last 31 years. A number of students have graduated from the School, finishing Class X and Class XII.

The present strength of the School is 38. The total staff consists of one Call Centre-in-charge, four teachers, an accounts assistant, two security personnel, a hostel maid and a driver. Lack of adequate finance prevents us from upgrading the quality of teaching staff.

Today the School is operated on the Trust’s own land in Bargain with a stringent budget and charity donation support from individual donors, associations, Rotary and Lions Clubs and continued assistance from Central Coalfields Limited, CMPDI Ltd., MECON Ltd. and State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Reserve bank of India.

MECON Ltd. through their CSR Programme has constructed a two storeyed building on the campus to facilitate formal computer training leading to employment as well as increased dormitory space to take in more girls in the school. The strength of the school is expected to go up to 50.

Besides school curriculum, the students are also exposed to music, singing and dancing and they have won many awards in this field in competitions held in the city.

Over the last four years or so, the School has been giving computer training to the blind girls to help them in their eventual employment. The details of this programme are given elsewhere in this report.

Since August 2016 a Vodafone Call Centre has started operating on the School premises where the computer trained blind girls are getting gainful employment and becoming financially independent. This is the only Call centre for the blind in the whole of northern region of the country